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Smart Auto — Made in Hyderabad (India)

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Smart Auto of Gayam Motor Work which runs on Electricity. This costs Rs 1.5 to 2.5 lakh depends on the type of the battery. Nearly one crore conventional autos are sold. We want to sell 10,000 smart autos in next one year. The smart auto is due for launch in January, informed Gayam Rahul and Gayam Raja, both brothers.

GMW (Gayam Motor Works) manufactures automobiles which are future-proof, put simply we make automobiles designed to not just meet the demands of the here and now but we anticipate the future trend in technology and design and incorporate them in our automobiles, making them truly Future-Proof.

smart auto gayam brothers


  1. 110Km on a Single Charge
  2. Li-ion Battery with Regen braking
  3. Smartphone integrated battery management system
  4. Facebook/Google Login as Start Key
  5. Real time taxi request and tracking
  6. Solar Charging Station
  7. Backup power to an average home for 10 hours.
  8. 0.008 USD/KM (50 paisa per KM)
Raja Gayam

He is the CEO of GMW, Completed his Bachelors from IIIT Hyderabad and his Masters from University College London in DCNDS, has 5 years marketing experience in Automobile sector, an avid traveler has visited more than 15 emerging markets and opened up trading relationships with them, he is in charge of the Android App Development ‘Ouidriver’ and to be launched ‘E-Dashboard’ which are Integrated with the Vehicles where the Phone doubles up as the Virtual Dashboard.

Rahul Gayam

He is the Director R&D of GMW, he completed his Integrated Masters in Physics from University of Hyderabad, developed the E-Tee electric three-wheeler program from scratch and built a robust vehicle with industry leading features such as Integra-cool cooling system, patented Quadra-Drive system , smart-BMS battery monitoring system, which are essential for a future-proof design. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Electronic science at University of Hyderabad and works on developing Ceramic Super-capacitors which have the potential to replace batteries in electric vehicles, and have the added advantage of being charged in a few minutes instead of a few hours.


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