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TAPPLock: The World’s First Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Meet TAPP: a pair of cutting-edge smart fingerprint padlocks that open with your unique fingerprint. Never worry about losing your keys, forgetting your combination code or getting your locks picked again.

TappLock Series uses fingerprint access with cutting edge encrypted fingerprint sensor. It grants access with just a tap in 0.8 seconds.There is nothing to remember, and nothing you can lose. It uses the one thing you always have with you. Your unique fingerprint.

tapplock fingerprint padlock

The TappLock Series mobile app allows you to share access with (and revoke access from) your friends and family through your smartphone. The app allows you to customize the time, location, and duration of each individual’s access.You may store up to 200 different fingerprints. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. The history function of the mobile app allows you to keep a track of padlock use by your family and friends.

tapplock features

Lock is water resistant, more durable and rugged than most traditional padlocks. We are partnering with LIQUIPEL to equip their world-class nano coating technology.TappLock Series can also be accessed with Bluetooth. Your phone can also act as the key to your lock.

tapplock fingerprint padlock

TappLock has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 3 years on one charge. TappLock Lite uses replaceable batteries that can last for 6 month. TAPP mobile application will dispatch notifications when the batteries are low on charge. Even with 5% battery life, TappLock can still last for months.


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TappLock doubles as a portable phone charger so that you’re never left without power. The battery can serve as an emergency charging source that can be used to boost the charge on any of a number of rechargeable mobile devices (such as your smartphone).

taaplock fingerprint padlock

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Taaplock Overview

How much does it cost?

Once the early-bird perks are gone for during our Indiegogo campaign, a regular TappLock will cost $66, and TappLock Lite will cost $44.

How long does it take to unlock TappLock?

It takes just 0.8 seconds from the time your finger touches the pad to the time the mechanism unlocks.

Can Tapp be used as luggage lock?

The standard TappLock can be used in your travels, but to be used as an airline luggage lock is another story. To be employed as a luggage lock for travel by plane, all locks require approval from various transportation security organizations, most notably the TSA. To get the certification, the lock must meet several standards, and we are currently considering whether we should brand the TappLock Lite as a luggage lock.

Can Tapp function without cell phone?

Once you have your fingerprint stored via the mobile app, Tapp requires no cell phone to open. You do require a cell phone if you want to open the lock via Bluetooth.

Can the Tapp cable be used for both charging and recharging?

One of the main features we advertise is the fact that, when unlocked, the Tapp can be used as a portable battery capable of recharging your phone. The magnetic port is located at the bottom of the lock and every Tapp will come with a cable. To recharge, we have a booster box that comes with every Tapp.

How many fingerprints can TappLock and TappLock store?

They use the same sensor. The sensor has the memory to store up to 200 fingerprints.

Is TappLock water resistant?

For a padlock with electronic components, protection against the elements is something we wanted to ensure. TappLock Series special casing designs made sure of this. TappLock Series is also testing with Liquipel technology in order to add an additional layer of protection, with a special chemical layer on the internal electronics repels all moisture.

What are the exact dimensions of the TappLock?

The TappLock measures 85 x 55 x 30 mm.

How long does the battery last?

For the TappLock, the battery can last up to 3 years on one charge when used daily. TappLock Lite can last up to six months using two replaceable CR2032 3V Coin Cell batteries. These can be purchased at any major retailers.

What If My TappLock Runs Out Of Battery Life?

Considering the long battery life of the TappLock series, it is rare that the unit will run out of power. TappLock has a 3-year battery life on one charge. TappLock Lite has 6 month battery life. TAPP mobile application will dispatch notifications when the batteries are low on charge. Even with 5% battery life, TappLock can still last for months. Worst case, if your TappLock is out of power, it will remain locked until it is charged with an external power source. In the case of TappLock lite, you can easily replace the batteries.

How fast does TappLock charge?

Tapp is able to charge a standard smartphone up to 70% of the phone’s battery at the same rate as standard battery packs on the market.

How heavy is the TappLock in comparison to a standard padlock?

TappLock is approximately the same weight as your standard Dudley or MasterLock padlock, about 200 grams.

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