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ParcelTrack: All your orders in one place within a app

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ParcelTrack Integrates all your shipments into a single app. It keeps you up to date on the status of your shipment, delivery forecasts and who accepted a parcel in your absence. You decide on how close you want to follow the progress your shipment makes on it’s way.

Whether you are at home with your tablet, in the car with your mobile or at the desk in your office, ParcelTrack is available on all your devices. The synchronization of all your devices keeps all you orders in one clean place.

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Regardless of the delivery service that ships your package, ParcelTrack provides a single beautiful interface to keep track of your shipments. Spare yourself the hassle of visiting various tracking sites and getting lost in technical details of their tracking systems.

parcel track app

Follow your package in real-time with the finger on the map, as ParcelTrack makes use of the GPS-location of the delivery van. This is the closest you can get to your shipments in delivery. Never miss your package again.

What makes this my app of choice is its other features, like synchronization between multiple devices, push notifications that aren’t incredibly late, a dedicated email address that you can forward tracking emails to, and a super slick and clean UI.

It’s free for normal usage. ParcelTrack does feature a premium set of features, like if you want to use a widget and some customization in order to unlock them all, it’ll cost you $1.99, but only on a single device. Their Google Play listing will tell you which ones are a part of that package. If you don’t need them, you can use it completely free.

Package tracking freaks, you need to check this one out if you haven’t already. It supports major courier like DHL, FedEx and SingPost.

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