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Shapr3D, Innovative 3D Modeler For iPad Pro

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S​hapr3D — disruptive 3D modeler is available today on the App Store, exclusively for iPad Pro. The app is targeted at designers, mechanical engineers and artists looking for affordable, intuitive, and lightweight CAD software to use for professional work.

As Shapr3D is optimized for the iPad Pro, users are able to quickly sketch their designs in 3D with Apple Pencil, modify it with a user-friendly interface, and export the result to their desktop for further fine-tuning and rendering.

The software contains a sling load of powerful tools for modeling : free molding, extrusion, revolution, work on polygons, chamfer, boolean operations . The app, however, remains rather complex to handle , and it takes time to become familiar with its special ergonomics. Fortunately, developers have integrated short videos describing for each tool or so, the mode of operation. Overall, the user takes control of the shape or the point on which he works by pushing hard on the Pencil then gently releasing the pressure.

shapr3d modeler

The developers of Shapr3d explain their inspiration :

“We think that a new, revolutionary user experience is needed to make 3D modeling accessible to everyone. That’s why we decided to create an iPad app: making the users able to literally touch their designs, allowing them to directly interact with their models makes the whole modeling procedure amazingly easy.

shapr3d modeler

They can use the same movements that they would use on real-world objects. Want to change the height of an object? Just pull its top! Want to change a thickness of a face? Grab the face, and pull it! Want to create a circle? Draw a circle with your fingers. No menus, no buttons, only gestures. Everything works as you would expect it to work in real life.

We still have a lot of work to do on making the interface more intuitive and responsive, so we are looking for investors to help us complete the development process.”

shapr3d modeler

Shapr3D outranks existing CAD software on three main fronts:

1. Intuitive modeling optimized for iPad Pro:

Unlike most CAD software, Shapr3D no longer has complex interfaces that get in the way of the designer. The user draws with Apple Pencil instead of writing commands, while getting help from user­friendly menus for advanced operations.
Besides its outstanding UI, Shapr3D also integrates well with iCloud Drive ­ making sure that iPad users stay synchronized with their devices while on the go.

2. Portable performance:

No handheld software has yet achieved Shapr3D’s level of precision and quality. The modeling engine behind the app and iPad Pro’s desktop­ grade processing power can build production­ ready models anywhere, at any given time. And the experience doesn’t end on iPad ­ Shapr3D has the ability to speed up CAD workflows by importing and exporting files made for major desktop CAD software. This way, engineering and design sketching becomes truly portable.

3. Affordable solution to sketch professional CAD models:

Professional CAD usually costs hundreds of dollars per month, while Shapr3D’s PRO monthly subscription only costs $25, and includes exports to all industry major CAD software and more workspaces. This makes it a feasible entry point for beginning modelers and professionals on the go, looking for an alternative way of modeling without the price tag of another desktop software.

About the company

Shapr3D is actively developing the world’s most intuitive 3D modeling software for product designers, mechanical engineers, and hobbyists.The young startup from Budapest has a brave vision: they want to put an end to unusable CAD software in the industry.

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