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PokeDates, Dating Site For Pokemon Go Players

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PokeDates is an extension of an existing dating service called Project Fixup. What sets this site apart from popular dating apps like Tinder and Happn is that humans take on the role of matching you up with a significant other, instead of an algorithm. When you enter your personal information, an employee will look at it and think of the best partner for you.


The steps to getting a date are pretty straight-forward. Answer a few questions about yourself to build your profile, then say which times of the day you’re free for a date, and then once you confirm your email you’ll get set up on a date with a partner that you should be into at a time you’re available.


Pokémon GO is arguably the best idea of the 21st century. Combining heart-felt nostalgia with the latest in Augmented Reality technology, this game allows 2-200 year olds to explore the Pokéworld via the real world.

To play, you have to leave your home, go out and about and roam this world of ours. You literally cannot play without moving – and fitbits all over the world have been tracking record steps as a result.

While competitive, most users see more upside in collaboration and this game has been breaking societal barriers and making friends left and right.

About Project Fixup

PokeDates is powered by Project Fixup, a fun and convenient way to meet someone new (whether or not you play Pokemon GO!)

At Project Fixup, we believe that dating should be about getting out there, meeting new people, and enjoying the world around by not sitting on your computer browsing, swiping, and messaging back and forth. Project Fixup is about OFFline dating, and saving you the hours of time you would spend online to end up with the same date. Project Fixup is for anyone that is single and up for getting fixed up!

Those interested in finding love are matched based on a questionnaire about preferences and a mutual desire to play Pokemon Go. PokeDates then selects a match, finds a time based on members’ provided availability and selects a convenient PokeGym or PokeStop to meet.

The first PokeDate is free, after which each date costs $20.

Started by Project Fixup, an offline dating website focused on in-person meetings rather than swipes, PokeDates aims to “let you catch ’em all, together!”

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