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Google Spaces App: New Group Conversation App in Process

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Google ‘Spaces’ App which is reportedly a non-public beta version of an app available in the Play Store suggests that Google may be looking to apply more of a focus on group messaging, and allow users to pinpoint group conversations they may want to have with other users.

According to Android Police, the app appears to be a mini-social network that a group of friends or family members could use for shared conversations inside of a splashy interface.

Google Spaces App

The leaked screenshots show photos, social invites, web links, and other content shared among all of those involved in the chat. It appears the angle is to better organize different groups of those you have frequent conversations with: one for co-workers, another for the children, and perhaps one for close friends.

Messaging is more about sharing media these days, particularly with the success of apps like Snapchat Facebook Messenger. Google is always one to go after a new idea, even if it doesn’t turn out to be a final product.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else known about Spaces other than what can be taken from the screenshots or what’s been discussed here, and this is probably due to the fact that Google is still testing the app internally. Having said that, Spaces may never actually see the light of day, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone as Google often tests things that may or may not launch.

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