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Category: Google

Google Assistant can now act as your personal interpreter, and other updates from Google at CES 2019

Posted in Google, and Machine Learning

Google Assistant functionality is to be updated to allow users to check into flights and also to act as an interpreter, the search giant has announced. The virtual assistant has…

Honor, Samsung, OnePlus rated top engaging brands in India, Google bags highest video views

Posted in General, Google, and Social Network

New Delhi After Google, Twitter has also released a list of 2018 Trending Keywords, which shows how brands and customers interact with social media.  Twitter revealed the top 10 most…

Google Maps Gets Auto Rickshaw Public Transport Mode in Delhi, With Routes and Estimated Fares

Posted in Google, and Technology

Google has introduced a new ‘auto rickshaw’ mode in Maps to help commuters find their way around in Delhi. The mode, as its name suggests, will help commuters plan their trips better…

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