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Google Partners with Oreo to build space dunk game

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Oreo Space Dunk Challenge campaign, begins by asking players to take a photo of an actual Oreo cookie.

Over the past few months, 360i, Carat and The ZOO developed “OREO Space Dunk,” a web-based application that leverages Google Maps to let cookie-lovers virtually launch OREO cookies into space as an innovative way to dunk within the OREO Dunk Challenge.  The result is a customized, personalized dunking experience.

Oreo Space dunk game

Once the photo has been taken and “cookie recognition” has taken place, the Oreo transforms into a digital version of itself. Users swing their phone to send the virtual cookie into the stratosphere, starting from the user’s location in Google Earth before  descending and “dunking” into a glass of milk placed in a location across the world via Google Street View.

Oreo Space dunk game

Built by the award-winning production company Jam3, “OREO Space Dunk” launches February 21 in the U.S. and will roll out internationally over the course of the campaign.
Oreo Space dunk game
“Our deep collaboration with OREO and their agencies represents a solid model for the future of brand advertising in the digital space,” said Michael Yapp, director of The ZOO at Google. “We’re thrilled to see our products integrated into OREO’s campaign in a fun, creative way and look forward to seeing the journey each OREO takes.”

While we know nothing beats dunking a real OREO cookie in milk, it’s exciting to see variations of the ritual, including one that takes it into the digital space,” said Kerri McCarthy, Senior Global Brand Manager, OREO. “The innovation behind the ‘OREO Space Dunk’ is the result of true collaboration and it’s a great way to further diversify the array of OREO dunks that make up the OREO Dunk Challenge.”
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