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Whatsapp updates status feature like Instagram Stories

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The new WhatsApp status is quite similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories. You can add text, emoji and even make sketches to your photos and video before sharing them which will only last for 24hours after you have shared it on your status. Yo can add gif also.

whatsapp status update

  • To use this new WhatsApp feature, Open your WhatsApp and locate Status tab to view your contacts updates and to create and share your own.
  • If you can’t find your there, it’s likely that it has not been rolled out for your country.
  • Also, head over to your respective app store to update your WhatsApp, in case your WhatsApp is not updated to the latest version yet.

All the new ‘Statuses that you add will be put under ‘My status’ which can be accessed using the three dots on the right of the screen. Pressing the three dots will bring you to a detailed video of each status along with the time when the status was posted and the number of people who ‘viewed’ that status.

After 8 years, whatsapp updates their status feature.

The arrow button gives you the option of forwarding the status to individual conversations. You can tap on the status to open the image or video in full screen and you well be presented with an eye symbol at the bottom middle which gives you the option to check how many people have ‘Viewed’ the status in addition to an option to delete the status or forward it.

One interesting thing to note is that the company always planned to improve the basic ‘text’ only status functionality of the app. The company will coincide the announcement of the new ‘Status’ functionality with 24 February, the 8th birthday of WhatsApp.

The company is also working on a potential ‘Business’ profiles feature which will enable individuals or brands to reach users on WhatsApp.

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