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Month: March 2016

AnkerBox: It Helps To Rent A PowerBank Rather Than Buy One

Posted in General, and Mobile/Tablet

The AnkerBox houses 6 rechargeable power banks that have built in lightning cables (presumably a microUSB or USB C option would eventually be available) and offer a 6,700 mAh capacity,…

Facebook Messenger Airline Integration With KLM

Posted in Facebook, and Messenger

Facebook Messenger Airline Integration with KLM. KLM flyers will be able to automatically receive their itinerary, flight updates, check-in notifications, get their boarding passes, even rebook flights when needed, and have your…

Cor: Health Insights in a Single Drop of Blood On This Device

Posted in Medicine

Cor measures your blood chemistry at home and delivers personalized, actionable health insights. It is a smart kit with a Cartridge to collect samples and a Reader unit to perform analysis.…

Google Announced a Home Phone Service Called Google Fiber Phone

Posted in Google

Google on Tuesday introduced Fiber Phone, a home phone service that’s part of Google Fiber, the company’s broadband and TV service. “While mobile phones have pushed us toward the future,…

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