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Facebook Messenger Airline Integration With KLM

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Facebook Messenger Airline Integration with KLM. KLM flyers will be able to automatically receive their itinerary, flight updates, check-in notifications, get their boarding passes, even rebook flights when needed, and have your customer service questions answered, right from Messenger.

Goodbye forgetting the combination of your frequent flyer alphanumerical number and password to obtain your boarding pass, and holding for a long time on the phone to change flights.

Facebook Messenger Airline Integration with KLM

To set yourself up for the service, you just need to access your booking or check-in on in a browser that you’ve used to log into Messenger recently – anytime in the last 90 days will work fine.

Facebook Messenger Airline Integration with KLM

Naturally, if you’ve set your browser not to accept cookies, then you’ll need to change that setting first. While right now the KLM-only integration will limit its appeal, it’s a sign of Facebook’s ambitions to put Messenger at the heart of both physical and digital products.

Facebook Messenger Airline Integration with KLM

This is starting to roll out today and will be more widely available around the world in the coming days and weeks.

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