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WhatsApp will be so much better if we can get these 7 features in 2019

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WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp made some major announcements in the year 2018. The company introduced an array of updates like delete button, group calls, PiP mode, Stickers and more. All of these features are important and interesting but there’s more that can be done with the app.

For example wouldn’t it be cool if WhatsApp had a feature that could inform you as soon as your best friend came online or a feature that could let others know that you are not in the mood to chat at the moment. It would be so much better then.

These and similar more features we have listed below that could make WhatsApp a much better app this year. Check it out:

— Ignore button: WhatsApp can add an ignore button that could let the other person know that he or she is being ignored. Blue ticks leave one hanging on to hope that he or she may get a reply not immediately but surely. Ignore button would end this wait by straight away letting the sender know that the recipient is not interested in his or her messages. Ouch!

— Auto sent messages on festivals: Another highly-desirable feature that we want on WhatsApp. Sending a message to each and every family member on a festival can be a fight in itself. It would be great if WhatsApp comes up with a feature that automatically sends wishing messages to selected contacts on festivals.

— Like and dislike button for Status: Ever since WhatsApp brought this feature, people have cramped the given space with all kinds of photos and texts. Like and dislike button will help those who post in Status know if their posts are pleasing or annoying.

— Do not disturb: WhatsApp has a mute option that mutes the chat for a specific time period but it does not stop the messages from coming. The messages keep coming and show up as unread chats in your WhatsApp window. WhatsApp can have a DND mode for the app that informs all the contacts that you are unavailable for chatting and that they should not send you any messages during then.

— Schedule messages: Facebook has an option to schedule post so that it appears only when you want it to. A similar feature can be added to WhatsApp that allows you to schedule your messages.

— Profile picture viewers: WhatsApp profile pictures are no less than Facebook profile pictures. Everyone secretly wants his or her profile picture to be looked at and admired by others. WhatsApp can have functionality that lets you know who all have viewed your profile pictures.

— Notification when the contact comes online: There are times when you want to chat but the other person is probably busy elsewhere. This feature can come to use them. WhatsApp can send you a notification when that person comes online.

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