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Whatsapp: Now You can Send Documents Directly

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WhatsApp Documents — received an update that allows users to send each other documents. At the moment it seems that only PDF files are supported, but presumably it will be expanded in the future to accommodate more file types. We can imagine that eventually it could support Microsoft Office files or Pages, Sheets, and Slides, but for now PDF is the only format that works.

whatsapp documents

With the recent update, all you have to do is click on the paper clip icon on the top. You will see an option to send the documents directly. WhatsApp has removed the Video button from the shareable media menu and thus it has managed to accommodate the “Document” button, that being said, you can still send the videos by selecting the “Gallery” option.

Please note that even your friend needs to update his/her WhatsApp in order to receive the document file. But still what is the maximum file size that can be shared is unknown yet.

Also, Note that this feature is not available for iPhone and windows users yet but it will be rolled out to everyone very soon. Recently WhatsApp also released an update to add 256 members in WhatsApp group.

Don’t forget to update the app!

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