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Volta Zap : India’s first cross over Electric Bike

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Chennai Based start-up Volta Motors have unveiled Indian’s first cross-over electric bike called the Volta Zap. This product has been developed and designed in India (Make in India Initiative).

Volta Zap

Electric vehicles are the new weapons to face the pollution but the E-vehicle companies were constantly failing in producing reliable and aesthetic E-bike products. They have been facing many problems to produce bikes with a fair design, efficiency and economy that sustains in Indian conditions. Volta Motors has studied every such failures happening in the industry and designed the India’s first cross over Electric bike Volta ZAP.

Volta Zap

Volta Zap is an E-vehicle – cross over Electric Bike that can run for up to 60km without using pedal on a single charge. Even the Pedal Assist feature that delivers 3 full cycle wheel rotation with single pedal rotation. Key highlights are 7 paise per KM running cost, battery range extender, 4x faster charging, universal charger, utility space, disc brakes and no license required. The battery can be easily inserted / removed thanks to the purpose built box frame.

Lithium battery technology that allows riders to charge their laptops, mobiles, tablets by using their bike’s battery as an emergency powerbank.

And also it claims,the battery of Volta Zap weighs just 3kgs which will be the lightest battery for an E-bike till date with these specifications.

The LED reflectors placed on the bike makes it safer to ride during nights. Volta ZAP ticks the user’s check boxes like economy, safety, reliability with a compelling design. Other features are smartphone integration via Volta app connect, supports regenerative charging, comes with digital display, powerful hub motors and suspension forks for a comfortable ride.

The Volta ZAP comes with a wide range of customizable body panels and is currently available for pre-orders in India.

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