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Apple Announces iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and AirPod

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Apple Announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and AirPod. Both phones has a new finish called “jet black,” also comes in black, silver, gold and rose gold. The Home button are completely redesigned to be customizable, force sensitive and with taptic feedback. They’re water and dust resistant too.

iPhone 7 Features and Price:

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

  • Display – it’s better and brighter.

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

  • Audio: stereo speakers (one speaker on top and one on bottom).
  • EarPods: OMG no headphone jack, you have to use the Lightning connector (there are 900 million Lightning connector devices in the world). Hope it will bring better audio.

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

  • The new phone will come with Lightning ear buds AND with an adapter for those who have the old headphone jack headsets. They says it took “courage” to get rid of the headphone jack. Maintaining an ancient, single port connector doesn’t make sense, he adds.
  • The new 12MP camera: “Everything about it is entirely new,” Schiller says. Wider lens, better image stabilization, better flash with 4 LEDs, better signal processing that improves focus, white balance, tone mapping, noise reduction and more. There a new front facing camera with 7MPs, compared with 4MPs on the older one.

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

  • Same pricing for the iPhone 7 as for the iPhone 6 ($649) it replaces but with twice the storage.

iPhone7 Plus:

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

  • All features are same as iPhone7 except the camera.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus has a second, telephoto camera. Allows the iPhone to actually zoom on images (as opposed to digitally zoom) up to 10x with much better quality than before. (It’s actually optical zoom to 2x and “software” zoom after that.) Schiller gives a sneak peak at another feature: bringing shallow depth of field to portraits, like in higher-end cameras. The depth of field feature will come as a software update later this year.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769. (Apple’s upgrade program is available for those who want to pay in monthly installments and expanding to the UK and China.)

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

Orders start September 9 and start shipping on September 16 in 28 countries. It will be available in 30 more countries a week later.


AirPods – wireless earbuds that connect easily with whatever Apple device you’re using, be it the iPhone or the Apple Watch. They were made possible by a new W1 chip.  Beats is coming out with a new line of wireless headphone using the same technology. (When you wear them, the AirPods look a bit like those old Bluetooth earpieces, but slicker, and you’ll have them both ears.)

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

The phone can communicate with each AirPod independently

• Sensors detect when the phones have been inserted, then start playing music

• AirPods run on a new type of Apple-baked chip

•You can activate Siri by double-tapping on the phones.

• Battery life is 5 hours. They recharge when placed in their carrying case.

• You can pair the earphones with your Apple device with a single tap.

Apple Watch Series 2:

The Apple Watch Series 2 was announced by Jeff Williams and features include new waterproofing to make it swim-proof down to 50 meters. It boasts a dual-core processor that is 50 percent faster than the original Watch, and the second-generation display is two times brighter. In fact, it’s the brightest Apple display ever (on any device) at 1,000 nits.

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

This Apple watch series 2 has built-in GPS, meaning accurate run-tracking without needing to be tethered to your iPhone.

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

Now you can play PokemonGo on Apple Watch Series 2.

iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and Airpod

The Nike + version of apple watch series 2 also showcased at Apple Event.

The new Apple Watch Series 2 models, which will be available to pre-order on September 9th, start at $369.
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