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Vivi — Head mounted augmented reality like wearable to help medical clinicians monitor patient health

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The Vivi system begins with an electronic “gateway”, which integrates with monitoring equipment. The gateway device collects, processes, packs and transmits patient data using secure Bluetooth to an optical headset worn by the clinician. The headset‘s behavior and graphical interface are configurable using a companion smartphone App in order to meet a clinician’s requirements for specific patients and particular procedures.vivi doctors

Vivi is by no means a replacement for the skills and knowledge of an experienced anaesthetist, nurse or paramedic, but it enables them to perform more effectively under difficult conditions and during periods of high stress or mental workload.vivi clinicals

By designing for users and not software engineers, they are able to focus on the clinician’s needs. This lead to the development of a product that is smaller, lighter, cheaper, more reliable, and with a longer battery life than any other HMD (Head mounted display) device on the market – universal value that will help the client drive their business and potentially help healthcare professionals to save lives.

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