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Chargifi — Wireless Charging Network

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London-headquartered Chargifi, which is building out a wireless charging network. Like WiFi before it, wireless charging be the next value-add for coffee shops and other public venues.

chargifi works

chargifi smartwatch

Customers are required to plug a small wireless charging dongle into their devices, coupled with downloading the Chargifi app.

“Chargifi powers devices using magnetic resonance, which allows for greater positional freedom than traditional inductive charging techniques.”


A new ‘magnetic resonance’ wireless charging technology — the startup provides software-as-a-service to help with the management of wireless charging points and related analytics and marketing opportunities. Chargifi’s network allows us to not only know what building a person is charging in but what table, what direction they are facing, and in some cases what door they walked into the room from. This allows us to map travel patterns, to demographics, to location.

chargifi charging

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