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Stay informed about the everyday laws of the country – Daily Laws App

Posted in Android Application, and Mobile/Tablet

A really interesting and useful app called Daily Laws – India. We can’t easily remember the laws of governing our country with hardly any good source available in web.Daily Laws – India set out to provide all the information on Indian Laws by packaging them inside a beautiful and clutter-free application.

Daily Laws – India has curated three main parts FIR, Women, and Consumer. FIR explains all the details revolving around when one can file an FIR to who can file one using an FAQ format. It also includes a complaint application template that can be used if the police refuse to file an FIR. The Women segment includes the laws related to women and the details of the various acts involving women’s rights. The Consumer segment provides details on the Consumer Protection Act and the procedure of filing a consumer case against a company along with a complaint format.

The homepage of the app has another part titled as Other that goes on to further list out other segments such as Anti-corruption, Transport, Students and a few more.

Available in Android App Supports from above 4.3 version: Daily Laws – India

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