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Smart Wifi Thermometer Takes Readings From Your Forehead

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Traditional thermometers have always made you choose between comfort and accuracy, and don’t help you monitor the health of the whole family. Thermo is a game changer. Via this revolutionary HotSpotSensor Technology, a simple gesture yields the most precise temperature possible, and automatic Wi-Fi sync with the dedicated Thermo app allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone.

Smart Thermometer

Thermo is keeping up with this trend. It’s a smart temporal artery thermometer, and arguably the best thermometer you can get today. The device tracks your body temperature using your temporal artery. You just position the device on your temple, press a button, wait two seconds and that’s it.

When you place the device against your forehead, The Thermo’s 16 infrared sensors take 4,000 separate measurements of the temporal artery in two seconds. The device uses an algorithm to determine the most accurate temperature. When measurement is complete, the Thermo will vibrate to tell you it’s done.

withings smart thermo

The device connects to your Wi-Fi network or your phone via Bluetooth so that you can track your body temperature over time. You can also make notes in the mobile app to say when you took ibuprofen for instance — the app supports multiple profiles as well.

The temperature readings are color-coded so you’ll instantly be able to tell if it’s in the normal range in green, moderately elevated in orange, and feverish in red. According to Withings, this makes it easier for parents to take the temperatures of their sleeping children in the dark.

Thermo uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to automatically sync with its dedicated app on iOS and Android, and can be used on multiple family members without needing to be disinfected. This separates the Thermo from other Wi-Fi thermometers on the market, which are cheaper but use the old-fashioned under-the-tongue temperature-taking method. There are other, cheaper forehead thermometers, too, but they don’t sync up to an app. The Thermo app can push out a notification when it’s time to take another measurement in the case of fever, and it’s also useful for doctors, because you can store temperatures and enter notes about them in the app and show them to a physician.

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