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Meet Flex Cam PIC: Flexible Selfie Camera

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flex cam pic

According to Flex Cam Pic, Existing action cameras are good, but too heavy and expensive. We have to put up with the discomfort caused by narrow views from cell phone cameras. Flex Cam PIC is beyond these limitations. From action cameras to cell phone cameras, and now, Flex Cam PIC.

With its ability to flexibly transform, you can now pretty much put PIC anywhere.(head, arm, leg, bike, bag, belt, anywhere)it  will be a part of your everyday life.

flex cam pic colors

You can select various colors & fun characters to match your taste. Complete your own style and choose your preference. PIC works underwater without an extra case shedding the bulk (30mins recording time, 1 meter). Be sure to take a PIC to capture those memorable summer holidays.

flex cam pic

PIC’s one touch button allows you to utilize main functions literally as easy as one, two, three and audio notifications will let you know what function you’re currently using. And you can shoot via Bluetooth from long distance. Partial integration with free PIC app (iOS and Android) over Bluetooth. You can preview your shot before you start filming.

Whether snorkeling, snowboarding, or tearing up the bike track, PIC is ready for any adventure.  It’s compatible with every Contour Camera mount giving you unlimited angles. 124 degree wide angle means no matter where the PIC is mounted, you’ll always get the perfect leveled shot.

flex cam pic

flex camera

PIC’s beautiful packaging is attractive and is suitable to use as a separate utility case for other items besides PIC. PIC has a built-in memory with 16GB. And with USB direct OTG (On-The-Go) output, you’ll be able to share your PIC’s photos & videos with friends and family on your Mobile Device & PC (USB direct OTG included).

While the assortment is certainly charming, it’ll set you back $149 — a much bigger investment than your traditional $10 selfie stick. But for anyone looking for unique shots and video, this little guy may be just the thing to spice up those overdone selfies.

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