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Shammane Smartwatch — TimePiece and Notification Gadget

Posted in SmartWatch, and Technology

Paris-based wearable tech startup has kept the smartwatch–but gotten rid of the bulky unattractiveness. This beautiful watch face with interchangeable straps represents understated French design at it’s best.


The SHAMMANE smartwatch is an innovative and stylish example of a fusion of jewelry and technology.

With SHAMMANE, they wanted to stop focusing on technology and bring back the jewelry aspect of a watch. The idea is to be able to take distance with your connected life by considering this watch as a filter between your real and your digital life. With SHAMMANE you choose how and when you want to stay connected, without sacrificing style.

The SHAMMANE watch presents an elegant timeless dial, with interchangeable straps that come in three collection packs of two colors. The idea is to launch one new collection per year that will be designed based on a theme linked to shamanism and the latest trendy fabrics and colors, like a fashion collection. Thereby the watch becomes the mirror of its wearer’s mood and personality more than a connected gadget.

The SHAMMANE watch is available on our Indiegogo campaign which launched last Wednesday. The price is $279 USD for a set including the SHAMMANE watch + 2 bands.

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