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Sello makes you to create online store easily

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Sello, an app launched by Shopify, which traditionally has helped small businesses set up simple e-commerce websites. It’s mobile based business.

Sello app

How it works

You snap a photo of something you’d like to sell, write a description, make a couple of choices about payments and shipping, and disseminate the listing on your choice of social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, even something called Google+. Sello doesn’t charge for listings, instead taking a fee on transactions of about 3 percent. Christopher Lobay, Shopify’s director of product says,

“We think the marketplaces of the future are these social networks and instant messaging and all that stuff.Every person has their own footprint, and we allow them to reach out to the community that matters most to them.”

“Sello can be for anybody,” he added. “It can be for makers, for people that are selling their own creations. The whole point is it’s for people who have never sold before, it’s their first time. That’s the thread that ties all those people together.”

Sello is available for iOS and Android. It’s a free app and there are no transaction fees (but you will have to pay for payment processing). Currently, available only in US,UK and Canada Users.

Link: Sello for Android and iOS


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