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LucidCam — The World’s First 3D VR Camera

Posted in Technology, and Virtual Reality(VR)

LucidCam is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures the world as you see and hear it. The 180° wide-angle lenses enable an active view, and spacial audio enhances every experience.

The LucidCam is pocket-sized, point-and-shoot, and has 1080p footage at 30fps. You can also live stream with an HDMI out, and it has a battery that will let you record up to an hour’s worth of material.

lucid cam pocket

How it works

Flipping a switch will let you change from photo to video, and you can see the playback on a VR headset or your phone! This is going to cost you $399 to get the LucidCam,3 cardboard boxes that turn your phone into a VR headset, and a selfie stick.

Links: LucidCam; LucidCam Android, LucidCam iOS



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