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Samsung Galaxy SurfBoard — Stay Connected On The Waves

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Samsung Galaxy Surfboard

Samsung Galaxy Surfboard — Samsung Brasil made a promo video showing off how it can keep pro surfer Gabriel Medina connected to his smartphone when he’s out putting in a training session on the waves.

According to the video, the Samsung Surfboard will allow you to get messages from landlubbers through text or social media (we assume) while also keeping you up to date with the current weather and wave conditions. The latter is obviously important and includes wind direction, height and the frequency of the waves.
Predictably, people who surf are commenting that one of the main reasons why people ride waves is to feel disconnected from the world and to enjoy the feeling of being one with the ocean.
As you might suspect, there has been no mention of a wide release for the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard, but it may be one of those devices you never knew you needed until now. The “cool” factor is definitely there although we can’t imagine what something like this would cost if it actually goes to market.
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