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Lazertouch : Mini projector that can turn any surface into touch screen.

Posted in Android Application, Mobile/Tablet, and Technology

Lazertouch is a new, small-ish projector that just showed up on Indiegogo and promises to do exactly what we all crave so desperately: turn walls and tables and other things into touchscreens.

To detect touches, Lazertouch puts out a laser that is parallel with the surface. The projector is portable, with a 13,600mAh battery inside. But, most importantly, it runs Android so you actually have a touchscreen-optimized OS (and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) to work with.

Lazertouch mini projector

Lazertouch mini projector differ from traditional projectors in its black technology–Laser touch technology, that is ,the projection screen is touch screen. for example, when on group meeting, it projects an about 15-inch screen on the desk which you can operate by finger, its versatile operation ways surpass most tablet PCs, giving you a full experience of modern office.

Moreover, Lazertouch mini projector projects big screen up to 80-inch on the wall which users can write and make notes on with the IR pen has all features what traditional interactive whiteboard has. this feature stand out even more when you use it to do PPT&PDF presentation.


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