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Salt Light Lamp — that runs for 8 hours just on salt water

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Much of Asia is regularly hit by power outages and electricity problems throughout the year. In order to overcome the basic need of lighting in the underprivileged areas especially coastlines, these Filipino siblings Aisa and Ralph Mijeno along with engineer Joeffrey Firas have created a luminescence lamp that is powered by just a mixture of water and salt. This renewable energy lamp called Saltlight can bring revolutionary changes in the emergency and portable lighting industry since it needs no power and ingredients are extremely basic.

saltlight lamp

With just a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt, the lamp can be powered up to eight hours. Even salty seawater can be used, so there is no limitation with fresh water for this lamp. It is an extremely useful, simple and even necessary thing to have especially in remote areas where you cannot rely on fossil fuels and grid electricity for a majority part of the year. People spend millions of dollars on battery operated tube lights, lamps, and other lighting equipment so this lamp could spell an end to those clumsy unreliable emergency lights.

salt lamp

salt water lampsalt lamp phone charge

With the help of this technology, we will be able to enjoy light from renewable energy with minimum cost. Aside from the self-sustaining lighting, it also has a battery source that is not used for the light but instead for charging your mobile phones and other gadgets on the go. Many of the locals in the Philippines use kerosene-based lamps that cause massive fires and destruction in their neighborhoods. This new light is more efficient and safe to use since it doesn’t use any inflammable material in it.



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