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Japanese paper drone — weighs just 1oz and flies like an origami bird

Posted in Drones, and Technology

A Japanese company has a unique take on drones: At a recent trade show in Tokyo, LAPIS Semiconductor demoed the Orizuru, a remote control origami crane that’s made mostly of paper and weighs only one ounce (31g, to be precise).

The paper crane, operated by remote control, was also developed by RHOM and miniature aircraft company Tyoukogata Hikoutai Lab with the hopes of creating technology to replicate the realistic movement of a bird in flight. The paper crane was a natural and iconic choice for Japan.

Utilising a 3D-printed skeleton made from nylon filament to give Orizuru its shape, with layers of paper to give it form, the entirety of the Lazurite Fly comes in at only 31 grams (1oz), with batteries and sensors included and a body length of 70cm (27.5 inches).

Initial design took three months of work and refining in order to make it what it is today. ROHM hopes to collaborate with venture companies and startups, with the Lazurite Fly being applied to various products.

The Orizuru’s design itself will be released to the public so that aircraft and origami enthusiasts can recreate it themselves.

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