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Reliance Jio Tariff Plans and ScanBox In Retail Stores

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Reliance Jio — A Youtube user named We Love Jio has posted a screencast of upcoming 4G tariff plans and prices from what looks to be the beta version of, the company’s official website.

Reliance Jio Tariff Plans

According to the video, Reliance Jio LTE offerings will include VoLTE, Mi-Fi devices, routers and smartphones. The video also offers preview of the Jio data plans. A JioFi Combo plan gives 75GB of 4G data for 90 days while a HD Voice Combo plan offers 75GB of data, 4500 minutes of talktime, 9000 SMS with 90 days of validity. Pricing of these schemes haven’t been revealed in the video. According to a recent report, Reliance Jio is also likely to offer 40GB of data with validity 90 days. This suggests, Reliance Jio data plans may be available between 40GB and 75GB with three months of validity.

However, there is a separate ‘prepaid plans’ section of the website that is explored by the user. While the ‘postpaid plans’ section is empty, the prepaid plans section shows two plans — one for Mifi and another one called Voice Combo that is given free with LYF phones. It is possible that Jio could give Voice Combo offer to those who buy their SIM cards, but at a price of Rs 500-1,000, or it could be restricted to those who buy LYF handsets. Frankly, we don’t know much except that LYF phone buyers will definitely get the Voice Combo plan free of cost with their purchase.

The cheapest option among the devices is the Mifi device, which costs only Rs 1,999 according to the leak. For Rs 1,999, you get the device and 75 GB of 4G data. If this tariff actually makes it unchanged to the beta launch of Jio’s 4G services, it
would mean that Jio will offer  between 40 GB and 75 GB for subsequent recharges of around Rs 1,000.

reliance Lyf phone

The cheapest LYF phone from Jio will be the Flame 1, which costs Rs 5,133 according to the website. It will give free data of 75 GB, plus 4,500 minutes and 9000 SMS. Taking a regular tariff price of Rs 40 per GB and 50 paise for 1 minute of call and 1 SMS, the total value of the offer comes to Rs 3000 + 2,250 + Rs 4,500, or Rs 9,750 for a phone that costs around half as much.

According to reports, Reliance Jio 4G basic tariff for local and STD calls will start at 2p per second, Re 1 per SMS and international texts at Rs 5. 4G mobile data would be priced at 0.5p per 10KB, which is roughly Rs 5 per MB whereas video calls will cost 5p per second. It may also launch a family and friends basic and gold plan for Rs 37 and Rs 38.

The video emphasizes on Reliance Jio’s preloaded applications — JioPlay, Jio-on-Demand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioNews, JioDrive and JioExpressnews. These services are likely to be subscription based and likely to be free for the first 90 days. Also, these could be available as standalone applications for the iOS and Android platforms. The video doesn’t reveal the pricing of these services.

The JioPlay will allow users to stay up to date with their favorite TV programs. Ji calls the service as “Catch-Up TV.” The Jio on Demand is similar to the Eros Now and Hooq streaming service allowing users to watch movies, TV shows, trailers among others.

The JioBeats is similar to music streaming services like Wynk and Saavn whereas Jio Mags is a Flipboard-like service. According to the video, the JioBeats will have millions of HD songs in over 20 languages. It will be available as a standalone application for Android and iOS platforms.

JioDrive is the native service for cloud storage where users can store their photos, videos and documents. Jio will be offering 90 days of access to JioDrive with 101GB of cloud storage. The Jio Money also features in the video revealing that its similarities with other wallet services that allow users to pay to merchants as well as pay utility bills.

Relaince Jio ScanBox:

Reliance jio scanbox

Now, in another leaked video, we have come across something called ‘ScanBox’ which has be placed in retail stores to ease the activation process. Report said, the boxes installed at multiple retail stores in Delhi.

The video gives us a closer look at the ‘ScanBox’ and its working. For starters, these scan boxes are expected to be available across Reliance Digital retail stores. As we can see in the video, the box has LED lights and a small opening on the top to place the smartphone’s camera. The smartphone has an app that lets the retailers scan and attach files.

Reliance Digital has also launched its LYF-branded 4K LED smart TVs that run on Android KitKat OS, priced between Rs 65,990 to Rs 199,990. We are hoping more details to be available in the coming weeks.


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