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PUBG Mobile Lite Launched For Android Smartphones In Philippines

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PUBG Mobile Lite has been launched on the Google Play Store. The game is currently only available for Android users in the Philippines and for those devices with less RAM.

PUBG Mobile Lite is similar to PUBG Mobile but it has some limitations. PUBG Mobile Lite comes with low graphics quality and a smaller 2x2km map optimized for low-end phones. The maximum number of players are also limited to 40 instead of 100.

Similar to the regular PUBG Mobile, the Lite version of the game includes players scavenging for weapons, vehicles and supplies while fighting it out in a shrinking play zone. Based on Unreal Engine 4, the gameplay includes HD map, 3D sound effects and high-quality audio. Players get to choose from firearms, weapons and throwables with ballistics and travel trajectories.

PUBG Mobile Lite players can invite and team up with their friends to coordinate the battle plan through voice chat and set up ambushes for enemies. To ensure a fair gameplay, there is an anti-cheat mechanism.

On The Google Play Store, You Can Download The PUBG Mobile Lite With Small Size To Play In Your Budget Segment Smartphone With Less RAM Without Compromising The Experience Of Gaming. The Catch Is The PUBG Mobile Llite Is Available In The Philippines Only Or You Can Download From Here & Play By Using The VPN.


Download PUBG Mobile Lite Android :-


Download PUBG Mobile Lite | PUBG Lite | Techno Tunes

PUBG Game For The Lower End Smartphones Or Budget Phones That Want To Enjoy The Battle Royale Experience. The PUBG Mobile Lite Version Makes Sense For A Country Like India Where Lots of Smartphone Users Are On Budget Devices & Looking For A Fluid Experience Of The PUBG On Their Smartphone.




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