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PLUG : World’s Most Powerful PowerBank

Posted in Technology

PLUG PowerBank comes with two AC wall outlets and a solar panel for a greener power charging. This is said to be a breakthrough innovation in portable power. It boasts of a 48,000mAh capacity battery, Tesla battery cells, dedicated recharging port, 2x Fast Charge USB ports, and LED power indicator lights.

plug powerbank

Plug Powerbank

It can charge laptops up to three times, tablets 7 times, phones 28 times, TVs up to four hours, drones three times, DSLR cameras up to 30 times, mini fridge 8 hours, and overboard up to 2 times.

Plug Powerbank

Plug Powerbank

Sometimes, you want to power your devices while PLUG is still charging. This is now possible with pass-through charging. You can still use it just like you would use a USB hub or surge protector. ChargeTech Enterprises started the campaign with a $30,000 goal but over $160,000 have already been raised. That’s 565% of the goal.

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