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Pizza Hut Launches World’s First Pizza Ordering Tattoo

Posted in Food, and Technology

Pizza Hut tattoo that lets you order pizza to your door by tapping your phone against your new arm ink. Okay, so it’s not a real tattoo — it’s more of a sticker.

You can link it to your Pizza Hut account, programming it to order your favorite pizza.

Pizza Hut Tattoo

You touch your phone against it using NFC and the app on your phone will ready it up. Only 40 of these tattoos are available for now, and only in the UK.  Another one of Pizza Hut’s kooky inventions of 2016 include a pizza box that doubles up as a playable DJ box.

Another method of ordering pizza in a simple and convenient manner is using the company’s new all-emoji menu, which allows you to pick from a number of pies that can be ordered by using an emoji. Pizza Hut has also pledged to be healthier by committing to cleaner ingredients, ensuring fresher and tastier products on your pizza.

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