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Pillow Talk — Let Distant Lovers Share Heartbeat

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Pillow Talk is a wristband that records your beloved’s heartbeat and transmits it to a speaker you can tuck under your pillow. You’ll be able to recreate the experience of falling asleep on their chest from afar: “The result is an intimate and engaging interaction between two people, regardless of the distance between them.”

pilow talk

Sure, there is Skype and Facetime and other visual bridges for distance, but it’s a little different from actually feeling someone else’s heartbeat.

pillow talk speaker

The wristbands are made of a soft, comfortable fabric (it currently comes in red or blue), and is equipped with a sensor that communicates the heartbeat without tracking or recording anything. The speaker comes with a removable padded top. Take it off for richer, fuller sound, to sneak directly into a pillowcase, or even to cradle between your hands. The wristband can also be linked to a smartphone for use without the speakers.

pillow talk mobile app

‘Joanna Montgomery, founder of Little Riot, came up with the concept for Pillow Talk during university. She is partnering with Wayra UK startup accelerator to bring the creation to life.’

The human heartbeat is the first sound babies hear for their nine months in the womb, and remains one of the most comforting sounds in the world. It may even help you sleep. Pillow Talk has just kicked off its Kickstarter campaign.

Link: Pillow Talk


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