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Hudway Glass is Heads-up-display on any car

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  • Hudway Glass

Hudway Glass is Heads-up-display(HUD) on any car with help of your smartphone (Android and iOS) definitely get one in your pocket at all times in the form of your smartphone.

hudway glass device

The Hudway Glass allows you to utilize on HUD app on your smartphone and relays it to the screen that has been carefully crafted to ensure it works both on clear days and in poor visibility. Working both at day and night, the Hudway Glass assists you during your drive whilst not distracting you from it and the clever design has certainly made an impression on Kickstarter where it has already exceeded its funding target.

‘Hudway Glass definitely useful gadget that drivers will love’

A clever piece of design that makes use of the technology that you carry around with you on a daily basis.

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