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Photon Interactive Robot — Helps Children to Learn Programming.

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Photon interactive robot — that helps children to take their first steps into the world of programming.

Photon Interactive Robot

Photon was conceived in the minds of Marcin Joka, Michał Grześ, Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk, Michał Bogucki and Maciej Kopczyński; four students and one academic lecturer from the Bialystok University of Technology, Poland. They have won prestigious technological contests organized by such companies as Microsoft and Philips and have been recognized by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (prize-winners in the “Generation of the Future” program.

Photon Interactive Robot

Photon was created as a solution to widespread problems with developing a child’s ability in terms of logical thinking. It constitutes an answer to the lack of proper tools which encourage kids to learn new technologies and programming through enjoyable activities.

Photon Interactive Robot

Children learn through experiences. Those experiences should be beneficial and engaging. Kids will be tasked with teaching Photon how to move and how to use Photon’s sensors. The child has to experiment to find out how the robot works. In turn, the robot acquires new skills and develops.

Photon Interactive Robot

Each child makes an independent decision as to which feature of their robot they want to nurture and by what means. Consequently, each Photon becomes unique; no two robots remain the same. Photon is integrated with child-friendly applications for iOS and Android smartphones. Kids program the robot using an intuitive graphical programming language, designed specifically for children.

According to the creators, “We’d built an award-winning Mars rover Hyperion and now we’re creating world’s first educational robot for children which develops along with his owner – Photon. We’ve been following your articles on teaching kids how to code and thought your readers might be interested in our product. Photon is a smart and interactive robot that teaches children how to code and grows together with them. It comes with mobile apps that help children control the robot through a friendly interface and Scratch-like block programming language. It is better than regular toys thanks to personalized real-time storytelling resulting in an enjoyable adventure that keeps children engaged and explains the basics of programming in an accessible and fun way.”

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