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Geizeer : Eco Friendly Ice Cooling

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Geizeer was born from the need to cool our work environments during the period of intense heat, at a cost of less than 1 cent per day.



Geizeer use is very simple. Just enter the cooling elements, previously frozen from the freezer into the lower half of the cube. At this point, simply overlap the two halves, so that the two signs of power coincide.


This way the contacts are touching, the electrical circuit is closed, and the fan operates. To turn it off, simply lift and rotate the cover. That’s right. There are no ignition keys!

According to the creators of Geizeer Damiano and Ferdinando, two young architects from Rome, founders of idea3di. “It is an eco friendly ice cooler in wood, cube-shaped, called Geizeer, which works with eutectic gel (more commonly known as ice pack). We define it as a hybrid between an air conditioner and a fan: less expensive and harmful to an air conditioner (of course does not have the same cooling capacity) and more efficient than a fan (the ice pack insert in the device is cold and lowers the Geizeer internal temperature.

Consequently, the air that comes out is colder). Geizeer consumes less than 1 cent per day to work, and the basic idea is to harness the energy of the freezer (which is generally always in operation) to freeze the ice pack. Geizeer, compared to a normal fan, it has the ability to cool a perimeter of 1.20 meters (4 feet). This is because the air is supplied at 360 degrees from the device. In the course of the last 8 days the 50% of our goals was completed.”


The fan draws hot air from the upper grid which forces a loss within the cube. The shape of the ice-pack allows a better diffusion of air and the amount of mixture to the gel contained is sufficient to cool a room of about 12 square meters. Additionally, because of this, it prevents an overheating of indoor air, due to the mechanical rotation of the blades.


After a few seconds in contact with the ice pack, the cool air is pushed out 360 ° from the cracks that divide from the Geizeer.

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