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Nendo — Portable Emergency Survival Kit

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nendo survival kit

Japanese design firm Nendo has created a portable emergency kit in the shape of a storage tube. Layered with the essentials of surviving a large-scale disaster, the kit is designed for use by city-dwellers, enabling them to seek refuge wherever they may be when disaster strikes.

nendo survival kit

Nendo Overview

The entire kit comes together in a cylinder the size of an architect or engineer’s drawing tube. These pipes are comprised of five detachable layers which fulfills different important functions. Check the below slide for each segments.

The first layer holds a crank-type radio which also doubles as a hand-powered charger for smartphones. A rain-proof parka is neatly tucked into the second layer.

The third segment twists out into a lamp that can also be charged by the radio in layer one. A packet of water or food can be kept in the third segment, which also doubles as a makeshift bottle for storage. The fifth segment is a case for a minimal substantial first aid kit. A safety whistle is tucked in the pipe’s top-most lid.



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