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Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ Button Gets You a Pizza Fast in UK

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Domino’s Pizza launched ‘Easy Order’ Button and ‘Digital Easy Order’ Button in the UK that will surely make it easier for us all to get fat. The both buttons are new “ordering system” that delivers to your door with the simple touch.

Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ Button

The Easy Order arrives embedded in a mini pizza box, and it’s a physical gadget that syncs with your mobile device over Bluetooth, enabling you to pair to the newly-updated Domino’s app and order pizza directly from your local Domino’s store. Just touch the button to place the order. The button is made by Flic(Wireless SmartButton) and can be programmed to do many things. In this instance, it orders pizza.

Domino's pizza button

All you have to do is save your address and payment details on the Domino’s website or mobile app, then select your favorite order, and The Easy Order handles the rest. This physically-connected, limited-edition button is only available in the UK, and the first phase buttons of will be released in late November via a social competition, followed by a second phase in February 2016.

Domino’s ‘ Digital Easy Order’ Button

Domino's quick order button

The Digital Easy Order, it’s another button. It’s now live and sits inside of the new Domino’s app instead of a mini pizza box. Similar to the physical button, simply press the virtual button inside to quickly place an order from your local Domino’s store. To sign up to the Digital Easy Order, go to or the Domino’s app and register your details/favorite order.


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