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MobilECG: Innovative Working ECG Business Card

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MobilECG is an USB-based open source 12-lead clinical electrocardiograph. It is designed to meet all the relevant medical standards (ISO 60601-1, etc.).Smaller than most ECGs on the market, and also has superior signal quality. Works with PCs, notebooks, and Android tablets. Records all leads simultaneously.

MobilECG Business Card

Recently, they have posted MobilECG Business Card on 9gag, and it got more than 20k upvotes in a day.  Below you can see the working ECG business card.

MobilECG ECG Business Card

It measures the real pulse of the holder by them simply holding two fingers on it for a few seconds. The ECG business card is obviously not supposed to be used as a diagnostic device, but it’s a cool hack project that gives a close approximation of a real ECG.

Since the company behind it, MobilECGspecializes in open-source hardware, it’s released the schematics for the card and software that drives it so anyone can make their own.

MobilECG ECG Business Card
Business Card Schema
MobilECG ECG Business Card
Business Card PCB

Link: Github 

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