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Jimu Robot — Helps Kids To Learn Robot Programming

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Jimu Robot toy kit from UBTech takes robotics for kids to the next level. There are three different Jimu Robot models with various features.

Jimu Robot

  1. Explorer Kit:

Jimu Robot Jimu Robot

Jimu Robot

2. Inventor Kit:

Jimu Robot Jimu Robot Jimu Robot

3. MeetBot Kit:

Jimu Robot Jimu Robot

Jimu Robot Overview:

Jimu Robot is an interactive building block robotics kit that empowers children/teenagers to create and program their own robots. Along the way, they engage in powerful hands-on learning in STEM and gain 21st-century skills and mindsets.

Built-in App module for “dynamic drawings”, giving step by step illustrations of every part. The App has detailed building procedures so children will find it easier to learn the robot construction techniques.

Create your unique Robot manually. Connect it to your Bluetooth or phone to program and control its movements.

The Jimu software is open sourced that enables players to share their creations all over the world through JIMU community.

The pieces snap together by hand, no tools required. It’s easy to use for children and teenagers.

The entry level kit includes 372 parts and 7 servo motors that allows kids to build 5 different robots, but are free to build their own. The advanced kit has 675 parts and 16 servo motors. The Jimu Robot kit looks well designed. The real killer is the software that makes the robot movie like its natural role models.

The Jimu Robot kits have begun rolling out world-wide. I have spotted the kids offered directly from China on eBay for $264 and $395 respectively. UBTech exhibited that the Toy Fair 2016 in New York earlier this year. I expect that the Jimu Robot kits will be in US stores latest in time for the Holiday shopping season.

UBTech Robotics’ main company mission is to commercialize humanoid robots. The company has developed the Alpha 2 and Alpha 1S small humanoid robots. Similar robots have been developed by Japanese robot companies. Robotics is new big trend in China and the government is fully behind it.

China plans to triple its annual production of robots used in the manufacturing sector to 100,000 in five years, a media report said on Wednesday.

China is also aiming to sell more than 30 billion yuan ($4.6 billion) worth of service robots by 2020 amid surging demand in the healthcare, education and entertainment sectors, according to the ministry of industry and information technology. China is on the way to become a big player in robotics from toys to manufacturing.

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