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Boie USA Antimicrobial Toothbrush of the Future

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Boie USA Antimicrobial ToothBrush is non abrasive and made from a medical grade elastomer that lasts twice as long as a nylon bristled toothbrush. Traditional toothbrushes are abrasive, dirty, and wasteful. Something that we use twice a day, everyday, should be better than that.

Boie USA Antimicrobial ToothBrush


  • Bristles are made from a medical grade elastomer that is less abrasive
  • Bristles that are antibacterial
  • Interchangeable heads that last 2x longer than nylon bristles
  • Ergonomic S shaped handle that is ultra thin
  • Made in the USA

The primary use of a toothbrush is to remove plaque and bacteria from our teeth and gums. Luckily for us, plaque is soft and relatively easy to remove. Instead, one of the biggest mistakes we make when brushing our teeth is brushing too aggressively. Brushing aggressively is a leading cause of receding gums and can lead to tooth enamel erosion.

Boie USA Antimicrobial ToothBrush

At Boie USA we have aimed to find that sweet spot, our elastomer bristles are designed to help remove plaque while at the same time reducing the abrasive effect that brushing has on your teeth and gums. They’ve accomplished this by using a super soft medical grade elastomer instead of nylon as our bristle material.

A normal nylon bristled toothbrush will have on average 10 to 20 bundles of bristles composed of 2,000 to 3,000 individual monofilaments. These bristles rely on the pressure you apply with your hand onto your teeth in order to spread and clean plaque effectively.

Boie USA Antimicrobial ToothBrush

The Boie USA toothbrush changes this approach with the introduction of bristles that are shaped to be functional, because bristles are molded, they can be designed to a specified height and diameter. This will allow you to apply less pressure while brushing your teeth.

Boie USA Antimicrobial ToothBrush

Another significant problem that plagues the toothbrush industry is waste. There are over 50 million pounds of plastic in American landfills every year that can be attributed to toothbrushes. We hope to help reduce this number by making the Boie USA brush heads from a durable medical grade elastomer that is not only recyclable but can last two times longer than a typical nylon bristled toothbrush. Interchangeable heads will also increase the lifespan of the plastic handle.

Proper Brushing Technique

  • 2 minutes in total
  • 2 times a day
  • Circular motions
  • Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle towards the gum line
  • Floss before or after brushing for a more thorough cleaning of the interproximal area

The Boie USA toothbrush will be available in three primary colors, this includes both the color of the handle and the elastomer head. Pre-order from Kickstarter Campaign.

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