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Instagram’s new app Boomerang that captures 1-second video loops.

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Boomerang comes half a year after Layout, Instagram’s last release aimed at giving people a first-party means of doing something they’re already doing with their Instagram photos. The new quasi-video app the first thing you’ll notice about Boomerang is how few buttons there are. There are literally only two screens. Since you don’t have to log in, you start on the camera.Tap the shutter button in normal or selfie mode, and Boomerang captures five quick shots over the span of a second. I bet Boomerangs make great Facebook video profile pics, too. (Facebook launching profile videos soon instead of profile pictures soon)

boomerang app

Boomerang shows you your infinitely looping creation. Instagram speeds up the clip to approximately double-time so the back-and-forth loop goes by in about a second. That slightly fast-fowarded feel makes everything a bit funnier and more stimulating.

You can find a link to download the app below. That way before taking that next photo of yourself, you can stop to make it a video selfie. Since Boomerang doesn’t capture sound, you don’t have to worry about the rest of us gagging in the background.

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