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Grayl Ultralight : Purifier [+Filter] Bottle

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A new company called GRAYL has just introduced their Filtration CUP, and in my opinion, the product is groundbreaking in this category. Instead of sucking tiny bits of water through a straw, you simply scoop water up in the cup, plunge the filter slowly through the water, twist back in the cap, flip the cover and bam, you can guzzle the entire 16 ounces  – just like a cup of water. No filter straw required… Watch the video – it does an excellent job of diagraming how it works.

Purify water. Anywhere. After four years of obsessing over every detail of its design and performance, they unveil the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Bottle. Fast and easy to use; it makes clean, purified drinking water (in less than 15 seconds) from virtually any fresh water source in the world! It’s a game changer and may very well be the only water bottle that anyone, anywhere, will ever need.

grayl water filter bottle

GRAYL gives you two filters options. The G3+ filter is faster to plunge and costs $19.95. It gets rid of nasties like bacteria, protozoa, and impurities like certain heavy metals and some industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals. The G3+ Purifier costs $39.95, is slower than the filter, but has two layers of filter media that will remove SARS, hepatitis A, rotovirus, etc., This is definitely worth the investment if you do a lot of international travel, or visit places where water quality is really unknown. Not a bad idea for disaster preparation either.

Grayl is one of the very few options that can remove everything, whether it’s chemical, bacterial, viral, or whatever, which is exactly what you’d want in developing countries with suspicious water supplies, along with additional options for more casual use, depending on your situation.



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