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FLIO: Global airport app – Free wifi access, discounts & tips

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FLIO is aiming to be the only airport app passengers will ever need. Instead of having to download an app for every airport on a flight with multiple connections, FLIO will serve as an all-in-one solution, including one-touch access to any airport Wi-Fi network. So far, the FLIO app has collected the data of 850 airports and 150 Wi-Fi setups.

We do those tedious login forms on the backend for you, so you can just tap the screen and off you go, says Andrew Watson, CIO and co-founder of FLIO

flio airport app

“The idea we had was to create one app [to cover] every airport in the world,” explains Andrew Watson, a member of the Spotify founding team who is CIO and co-founder of FLIO (the other co-founder being Stephan Uhrenbacher, who also started platforms like Travel Channel and Qype and served as a senior executive for “Within that we wanted to give users a consumer experience, but also help the on-site retailers and the airports by looking at how they can drive revenue. It really evolved form that.”

Never fill out a sign-up form again. Flio saves your details and does it all behind the scenes. It connects you with the official free Wi-Fi and gets you online in seconds.

Link: Flio, Android, iOS

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