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Google Live Case For Your Nexus Smartphone

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Google Live Case For Your Nexus Smartphone — Google is selling Live Cases for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and Nexus 6P. It introduced them last year for the Nexus 6. The Skrillex case not only dresses your phone in Skrillex’s artwork but also serves up Skrillex content and a live wallpaper that extends the case to the screen (it updates to display images of Earth shot from the stratosphere).

Google Live case

Each case uses near-field communication to transmit wallpapers, and they all work with the Live app found in Google Play and come with a button you can program to launch a specific app. There’s only one case-shape to choose from, but you can control the design. Whatever you choose during the design process will affect the animated wallpaper.

The case only comes in one shape for each Nexus phone, but what it looks like can be customized quite a bit. Google allows you to print either a photo or a map on the case, and it provides tools to customize them with different filters and color schemes. The choices you make on those will affect what the case’s animated wallpaper looks like.

To make your $35 Live Case today, go to this site, choose from a Photos Live Case (it pulls photos from your Google Photos account) or Place Live Case, and click the “Make Yours For $35” button to select your phone, design, style, finish (matte or glossy), and other options. Google has rolled out this customizable version, they ought to be a lot more appealing for anyone looking to protect their Nexus phone.

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