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Gmail on Android is getting two new features

Posted in Android Application, and Mobile/Tablet

Google is pushing an update to Gmail on Android today that introduces two new features, “Block Sender” and “Unsubscribe.” The features function exactly like they sound, in that they let you quickly block specific email addresses from within an email or unsubscribe from mailing lists without leaving the Gmail app. 



As you can see in the two GIFs below, the “Block Sender” option appears in the action overflow menu inside of an email where you would typically find the “forward” or “reply all” options. As for “Unsubscribe,” that lies within the action overflow menu at the top right corner of Gmail, when looking at an individual email, next to the Archive and Delete buttons.

When you block someone, their emails will then head directly into your spam folder going forward. When unsubscribing, you are simply unsubscribing.

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