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Fluxo Smart Lamp: You can move the light in any direction with app and sensor control.

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Startup Luke Roberts announced the official launch of FLUXO, the world’s first smart LED lamp that gives us unprecedented control over our lighting with the touch of our smartphones. The FLUXO won the silver award in the 2015 London Design Awards.


Designed as a stylish addition to any room, the pendant lamp can be easily controlled via its integrated app that allows the user to control the intensity, direction, color, and overall distribution of light to particular areas with a simple gesture.

fluxo smart lamp

It is FLUXO’s “Paint Your Light” approach that makes it easy to adjust the lighting for any space, time of the day, mood, or social situation. The dining room, for example, can be personalized to have a portion of FLUXO focused solely on the table while having the remaining LEDs emit a soft, ambient glow to the rest of the room. You can independently control downlight and uplight, which gives a pleasant indirect light to create different moods, which is not possible with other lamps. Particular light settings can be easily stored on the app for each FLUXO lamp, which includes intuitive motion sensors connected with smart software in the lamp that can learn how people prefer their lighting based on their overall usage.


“FLUXO allows us to essentially paint our rooms with light, our way, in any way. ““FLUXO combines state­of­the­art LED technology with sophisticated lenses, diffusers, and a design that can bring unprecedented practicality to the home without impacting the aesthetics that we all want.”

“Lighting has a huge impact on our well ­being and productivity, so making this part of our lives even more seamless is very important. The FLUXO lamp does just that by actively learning from the user’s behavior, making a standard on/off light switch all but obsolete,” added Luke Roberts Co-­founder Lukas Pilat.

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