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Figment VR: Virtual Reality Phonecase

Posted in Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality(VR)

Virtual reality lets you fully immerse yourself in digital experiences that you could never get to on your own, like climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, rock-out on stage with Paul McCartney, or even shooting down globby aliens that swarm all around you.

figment VR phonecase

The trouble is that VR viewers are a little bulky, so you don’t get to have these experiences wherever you go. Just like the best camera is the one that’s with you, the same thing goes for VR viewers.) Oculus has great quality, but keeps you tethered to your desk and is a bit pricey. Google Cardboard, the next step in viewer evolution, is affordable, but it is still bulky and you might not carry it around everywhere. So when you’re reading the New York Times, in line at the coffee shop and happen to see a link to its new immersive storytelling app, you can’t experience the stories until you get home. And by then your mind will be elsewhere.

figment vr phone case

The Best VR Device is the One that’s with You. Figment uses your powerful iPhone to give amazing VR experiences. You can watch immersive VR movies & concerts, explore incredible travel destinations, and play games and more.

Figment is a VR viewer folded into a sleek iPhone case. It’s pocket-sized, so you can bring it anywhere, and it’s in a phone case, so you actually will bring it everywhere. Because it works with almost all VR apps, you can view or share an immersive VR experience anywhere you are.

The viewer folds in completely, making Figment as slim as the average phone case, and you can get to all of your buttons and ports with ease.

Snap on the case, enjoy VR anytime and everywhere. Currently available for iphone6s and iphone6s plus.

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