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Tag: future

Panasonic Assist Robots : It Will TakeCare Of Your Heavy Lifting

Posted in Robots, and Technology

Panasonic released a video featuring its assist robots, which support the everyday lives of workers and the elderly. The company has applied the advanced control and sensor technologies that it…

Microsoft Holoport : Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time

Posted in Microsoft, and Technology

Microsoft research manager Shahram Izadi is showing off the company’s latest innovation using HoloLens: ‘holoportation,’ enabling him to appear as if he’s there in real-time, anywhere in the world. His…

Birdly, It’s a Full Body Virtual Reality Flight Simulator

Posted in Technology, and Virtual Reality(VR)

Birdly Virtual Reality Flight Simulator is a research project being conducted at the Zurich University of the Arts. Lecturer Max Rheiner and a small team of students began experimenting with…

The ION Belt — Portable charging for your phone, through your belt!

Posted in Technology

The Ion belt is new portable charging for your phone, through your belt. It’s lower cost design boasts a larger 3,000 man battery, and the buckle is designed to plug right…

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