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XROS: A Messaging App For Your Professional Life

Posted in Android Application, and IOS

XROS is a messaging app for work. What’s unique about it, is that it’s optimized for external communication rather than in-team messaging like Slack and others.

In practice, it means you can instantly create a Channel, with any group of people from any company – and get everyone on-board in seconds, without registrations, passwords or forced downloads. It’s extremely fast and simple. This speed and simplicity means XROS can replace emails as a means of communicating across companies, with all the huge advantages that channel messaging brings.

xros message app      xros app

It benefits to anyone who works extensively with people from other companies: freelancers, consultants, service providers, CEOs, business people, salespeople, investors, bloggers… the list is endless. If you communicate a lot externally, XROS is perfect for you.

You can create channels to discuss ongoing projects, potential deals, products, development tasks – anything that a group of people needs to get done. Some advantages are full visibility in real time over everything that goes on in ALL your ongoing discussions. You can get off a 12 hours flight, and in 2 minutes be fully updated on everything that has happened while you were away. Compare that the wading through emails threads, whatsapp, texts, skype messages, and you start to get the huge improvement of starting to use XROS. Available for Android, iOS and Desktop Version also.

As we say, put any group of people on a channel, and watch how they become a team.

Links: [ iOS, Android, Desktop Mac, Desktop PC ]


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