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Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem Launches Wi-Fi Enabled Induction Pressure Cooker

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Xiaomi has today announced a new Mi Eco System branding which will be a part of the companies endeavor to bring in newness and innovate. In order to make sure that the consumers resonate with the sub brand Xiaomi has named it Mijia, which in Chinese translates to ‘Xiaomi Smart Home’.

Under the Mi Ecosystem, Xiaomi has introduced a Wi-Fi-enabled smart cooker that lets you control the way the rice is cooked using a smartphone app. The Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker is based on induction heating technology.

Mijia Mi Induction Pressure Cooker

Xiaomi Mi Induction Pressure Cooker:

The Mi induction heating pressure rice cooker is priced at RMB 999 (approximately Rs 10,250). It will be available on sale in China during Mi Fan Festival on April 6. However, there is no word on the availability of the cooker outside China.

Xiaomi Mi Induction Pressure Cooker

The pressure rice cooker uses three technologies to cook rice – pressure control, method of heating and the lining material as well. Xiaomi’s Mi induction heating pressure rice cooker makes use of a magnetic relief valve which controls the inside pressure corresponding to the boiling point of water. For higher thermal efficiency, the cooker also uses electromagnetic heating technology.

The cooker has been built to address the following issues lack of diversified product range, lack of good quality products and also the problem related with high electricity consumption. Furthermore the cooker also comes boasts of preset configurations which can be accessed and set via the companion app. Another important bit is that one can scan the rice code on the packet and the cooker will automatically adjust itself to the softness of the rice.

Xiaomi Mi Induction Pressure Cooker

This induction heating pressure rice cooker comes with a total of 2450 different heating methods. To make things super easy, you can scan the QR code on your rice package and a corresponding heating method will be used by the cooker. What’s more, you have a dedicated Mijia Rice Cooker App to even adjust the softness of the rice being cooked.The app also comes with preloaded recipes for crispy rice, brown rice and even cakes.

For making the lining material of the inner container, Xiaomi has used grey cast iron, which is said to help deliver strong thermal performance as well as heating of rice. To avoid problems of rice sticking to the pot’s bottom, Xiaomi has also incorporated a PFA power coating on the inner container.

All this for $154 (999 Yuan in China). The cooker will go on sale on April 6 in China on the website. Things are really looking good for Xiaomi, with the new MIJIA brand and the existing Mi brand growing strong.

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